Sunday, 19 June 2011

MC100 Podcast Exercise

Oh well~!! It was so hard to think of one short podcast and took some times for us to come out with this video. Hope those who were watched and viewed our video and blog will like it, feel free drop any comments for us!!
Please watch the video and support us!! We had tried our best tho!!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


明天就要开始考试了, 好紧张啊。。。

每次到了考试前一晚就很难睡着, 不知道今天晚上会不会这样,要保持一个好状态去考试啊。。。千万不能紧张。。。

虽然只有考一门课, 但是还是担心考不到好成绩, 加油复习吧。。。 

但是现在在写东西的自己正在看纳达尔vs费德勒的2011法网男单决赛, 好精彩的比赛。。。


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fortple4 Group Member Introduction!!

This topic will be regarding all the introduction and biography that belongs to Fortple4 group member.

Fortple4 Group Leader

Name: Eric Lim Chee Hian
Nickname: Kaiz
Country: Malaysia
City: Sentul, Kuala Lumpur
Date of Birth: 6th of January
Education: Bachelor of Business Information Management (HUBIM),  
HELP University College
Hobbies: playing basketball, watching Korean drama, playing computer games, singing, reading and etc.

Achievements: 1) Being top five student in my major course 
                       2) Learning English and Korean Language more fluently
                       3) Got a few certificates from DOTA tournament, multimedia designs, 
                           Dean of IT Department, ITSC Group
Dream: Becoming an IT specialist, becoming a well known DOTA player in WDC League.
Aspiration: Five years from now, become an IT senior consultant or IT specialist in one of the top management consulting, technology services and outsourcing international company. Own a few branches of cyber cafe after my career had been archived. 

Fortple4 Group Member

Name: Chew Wee Giaw
Nickname: Nic/Giaw
Country: Malaysia
City: Kajang
Date of Birth: 4th of September
Education: Bachelor of Business Information Management (HUBIM), HELP University College
Hobbies: playing badminton, playing computer games, reading, photo shooting

Achievements: 1) Being committee member of Sports Federation.
                       2) School badminton representative player.
Dream: Becoming a photographer, record and take the photo all the places that I visited, things that I ever seen before and some people I had ever meet. 
Aspiration: Have my own "Electronics and computer science research laboratory". Help Malaysia in manufacturing industry, getting rid of this dependence on foreigners will mean a great deal of self reliance.

Name: Kevin Lee Sin Hock
Nickname: Zui Li Fei/Kevin
Country: Malaysia
City: Kapar, Klang
Date of Birth: 27th of December
Education: Bachelor of Information Technology (HUBIT), HELP University College
Hobbies: playing badminton and ping-pong, surf internet, playing computer games, read novel such as Jing Yong, Gu Long are all about adventurer story.

Achievements: 1) Being top five student in my major course.
                       2) Selected as class representative in Advanced Java Programming.
Dream: Become a rich and healthy person, wanted to travel all over the world especially Japan.
Aspiration: Major in different programming language, able to create a program application for users based on their requirement.

Name: Liu Ao Shu
Nickname: Lao Shu(Mouse)
Country: China
City: Gan Su
Date of Birth: 7th of February
Education: Bachelor of Information Technology (HUBIT), HELP University College
Hobbies: playing basketball, watching sports games, read adventure novels such as "The adventure of Sherlock Holmes" and Japanese comic, watching anime, drawing.

Achievements: 1) Being top three China student in my major course.
                       2) Selected as class representative in Object Oriented Design Using UML.
Dream: Become an artist, like to draw pictures and anime. Take part in a drawing class since I was in primary school. Wish to go Japan and learn more about comic and anime artwork.
Aspiration: Graduated as First Class Honor or Second Upper Class Honor. Intended to design a game, which is RPG (Role play game) based on Japanese anime, which like "Naruto", "Bleach" and so on that able to apply some anime elements which like a Ninja's world using different story and characters designs, and skill system.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Finally Fortple4's Group Video and Photo were done!!

This is the photos that taken by ZhangYang, thank him for the contribution and help us to take all these photos of Fortple4. In addition, Eric just made all the photos into a video and presenting it here. 

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Brainstorming and photo shooting day~!

Well, today we would like to take few of the photos of us while we were having fun playing games and discussing MC100 assignment. No doubt, the photos were needed to upload to our blog as well. While we were discussing the information and points that we would like to include in the Team Formation/Evolution, we asked friend of us from China to take our photos. Once we got bored and felt tired, we play some games that help to refresh our mind and having fun; then we will continue with the brainstorming and group discussion.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Penetrated Day for Fortple4

Well, since yesterday evening which is 5/25/2011, we had decided today after our IT subject class, which is Object Oriented Modelling Using UML; we will stay back for group discussion about this MC100 assignment. Each of everyone of us were prepared some of the ideas and opinions that we will shared and discuss further later when the class is over.

Welcome to Fortple4's blog ~!!

Basically this blog was designed and done for the purpose of our MC100 Business Communication group assignment. Before we able to create this blog, we get to know each other and share our different opinion and ideas on our group formulation for us to get tasks done easily.